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Patrick O'Neil is a Radio Personality/Journalist, Founder and President of and of its parent company Patrick O’Neil Media Network Inc. He is also Narrator of Tribune owned, Sun-Sentinel’s award winning documentary that is mentioned below.

A Quote from the hardworking Patrick O’Neil
“I will pave a path through rugged terrains so I can help many to have easier lives should they allow me to help them”. 

Patrick O’Neil has a wide media background and is among an elite group of world-class Broadcasters with the level of all round media qualifications and general media knowledge that he has.  This Broadcaster’s media background includes being an Entertainment Broadcaster, Radio Program Director, Radio Program Producer, Studio Engineer, Music Librarian, Quiz Master, Interviewer, Journalist-Broadcast News Researcher, News Producer, News Writer, Newsletter/Magazine Founder, Editor, Radio News Presenter, Advertising Consultant, Commercial Script Writer, Radio and Television Commercial Producer, Commercial Voiceover Technician, Internet Media Producer, Documentary Narrator, Playwright and Director and being a qualified Television Presenter and Talk Show Host.
Patrick O’Neil is very computer literate and is capable of setting up and operating a computer operated multi-media broadcasting network with capabilities to broadcast live or delayed radio programs on radio stations worldwide, from one location. He also works closely with many radio stations that by special arrangements, allow him to produce and air news including from Press Releases, features as well as ads, in prime time spots on their stations. Additionally he is an extensive researcher of Internet Search Engine tools and how they connect web pages to top positions on leading search sites.

Patrick O’Neil has been engaged by various media organizations to interview government officials from various parts of the world including the U.S.A., the Caribbean and Africa to gather audio to cut news soundbytes from.
Other notable assignments over the years include interviewing many Caribbean theatrical entertainers for various U.S. media organizations.
Patrick O’Neil has done hundreds of other interviews for the media primarily live on the air involving Doctors, Lawyers, other professionals and Business Operators from various disciplines.
A staff writer with Tribune owned South Florida's popular newspaper: The Sun-Sentinel, interviewed Patrick O’Neil in October 1995, seeking the then WVCG 1080 AM Announcer’s expert opinion on various kinds of entertainment that Caribbean people enjoy. Excerpt from that interview appeared in the Sun-Sentinel, Monday, October 30, 1995 3b, under the heading: “Jamaican schools, hospitals get aid — Party raises money with song unity.”
Patrick O’Neil has the unique distinction of being an American Broadcaster who is established both with several mainstream American radio stations as well as other mainstream US Media and also Caribbean radio stations in America.

Media Affiliations/Background
Producer and On Air Interviewer/Presenter of a popular Radio Feature - “Highway Tips of The Day” aired on WAVS 1170 AM Radio Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays featuring a prominent “Accident Attorney”.-(updated January 2005).
Producer and On Air Interviewer/Presenter of a popular Radio Feature - “Highway Tips of The Day” aired on WSBR 740 AM Radio Mondays to Fridays featuring a prominent “Accident Attorney”. -(updated October 2004) - “Money Talk Radio”
Broadcast News Producer/Broadcast News Writer at the Sun-Sentinel (a Tribune company) while associating with the CBS 4 Television News Team. Duties included reading Sun-Sentinel’s news, aired on National Public Radio (NPR) affiliate WXEL 90.7 FM, Morning Drive and noon Mondays to Fridays and on Clear Channel’s News Radio 610 AM WIOD.  Also Narrator of “Witness to An Epidemic, AIDS in The Caribbean” a Sun-Sentinel award winning documentary - Accredited by the Online News Association (ONA) and the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. This highly regarded documentary received mass media exposure via the Tribune Broadcasting Network and remained as a feature on for about 5 years and may still be available in that company’s archive. The exposure has helped to significantly widen Patrick O’Neil’s national fan base.
Former Producer and Host of “The Love Connection”:- Wednesdays: 2-4 pm on WAVS 1170 AM radio, featuring international news and news from Press Releases - researched, edited, produced, and presented by host also featuring Reggae, Soca, Rhythm & Blues, live radio interviews of world officials, entertainers and business people - in addition to serving as Advertising Consultant, Technical Writer (commercials), Voiceover Technician and Quiz Master (money giveaway feature).
Former Producer and Host of “The Lovers Vibes Show:- WVCG 1080 AM radio Saturdays 7-9 pm featuring international news and news from Press Releases - researched, edited, produced and presented by host also featuring Reggae, Soca, Rhythm & Blues, live radio interviews, Radio Quiz and being an Advertising Consultant, Technical Writer (commercials) and Voiceover Technician.
Former Producer and Host of “The Lovers Ride Show”:- WVCG 1080 AM radio, Saturdays 9-10 pm, featuring international news and news from Press Releases - researched, produced, edited and presented by host, also featuring Reggae, Soca, Rhythm & Blues, live radio interviews, Radio Quiz - also being Advertising Consultant, Technical Writer (commercials) and Voiceover Technician.

Rated by many government officials, doctors, attorneys and other intellects interviewed as well as by fellow broadcasters and listeners as a gifted radio broadcaster and public speaker, companies that use Patrick O'Neil's talent to make public statements, voice commercials, interview their representatives for airplay or produce and read news from their Press Releases for radio or Podcasts, stand to also benefit greatly from his vast multicultural knowledge and the exposure of his name and work among millions of Americans across all cultures.

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The radio stations listed are based in South Florida U.S.A. serving the residents of Miami-Dade (Miami), Broward and Palm Beach  counties reaching a population of approximately six million (6,000,000) in addition to millions more via Internet simulcasting). The online award winning feature has been exposed to approximately 150 million U.S.A. internet users.)

Other Duties
. Monthly writer of several articles in The Caribbean Vibes Magazine, distributed mainly in South Florida, New York and Philadelphia, with estimated monthly readership of 150,000. Each article guides readers to
 Other Qualifications/Background
. Former Banking Consultant (advisor to merchants on behalf of Bank)
. Former Insurance Executive
. Certified by AT&T as an Expert in winning back customers and prospecting for new accounts 
. Former School Teacher

. Founder, President, Designer, Editor, Arranger, Director and Publisher of, a subsidiary of the parent company Patrick O’Neil Media Network Inc; which he also founded and is President of   
. Radio Broadcaster, Associate Radio and Television Producer working closely with other media corporations to produce news and features including broadcast copies from press releases
. Digital Radio Broadcasting Engineer
. Arranging with radio stations across the U.S.A to read reports from’s studio about popular items including tourism in South Florida and the Caribbean.

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