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By Sheetal Sukhija | Sunday November 19, 2017
20 Tips: Prepare Your Database for Black Friday and Cyber Monday
Is your database ready for the biggest online shopping days of the year?
The biggest online shopping days of the year are just around the corner. Is your database ready? By tuning 20 key MariaDB system variables, you'll bolster your database's performance, scalability, and availability, ensuring every potential customer has a smooth user experience. The following system variables come up repeatedly in configuring an optimal MariaDB server environment. Implement our recommendations for the most tuned values, and make this year's Black Friday through Cyber Monday period your best ever. A couple of important notes: Do not accept these suggestions blindly. Each MariaDB environment is unique and requires additional thought before making any changes.  You will most likely need to adjust these settings for your specific use case and environment. MariaDB configuration file is located in /etc/my.cnf. Every time you modify this file, you will need to restart the MySQL service so the new changes can take effect. 20 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Tuning Recommendations - These range from InnoDB buffer pool size and log file size to max connections and binary log format. - 1. InnoDB Buffer Pool Size - The InnoDB buffer pool size is the #1 setting to look at for any installation using InnoDB. The buffer pool is where data and indexes are cached; having it as large as possible will ensure you use memory and...Read more