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Patrick O'Neil Media Network Inc., owns and operates We may use either name to refer to Terms, Conditions and Notices relating to the use of We provide the services featured here at to all law abiding citizens in the USA and Worldwide. We welcome all users who agree with the following Terms and Conditions.

Terms, Conditions and Notices 
This website is offered to you, the customer, conditioned that you accept without any modification, all of our Terms, Conditions and Notices contained herein. This website is for your personal and commercial use only - under the specific terms and conditions laid out here. You are absolutely not authorized to modify, copy, distribute, display, transmit, perform, publish, reproduce, license, transfer, create derivative works from or sell any information directly obtained from this website, unless the following applies. You may carry out any or all of the actions mentioned, only when a prior agreement to do so had been made in writing, between you and the authorized management of Patrick O'Neil Media Network Inc./

We the operators of Patrick O'Neil Media Network Inc/ are fully committed to endeavor to provide accurate information at the highest level of world media in the articles we write but we obviously have limitations due to imperfection and are therefore prone to errors like all fellow humans. We primarily aim to avoid all errors grammatically, typographically, and factually but please understand that you may see errors at any time but never will any be intentional. The founder of directs all affairs at this website. As an experienced radio broadcaster and journalist of award winning work, he is known for presenting very accurate information with excellent grammar for more than 17 years to vast radio audiences as well as accurate typing to the print media and has never had to apologize for any error along these endeavors. However, should you see any error on this website at any time, we would be deeply honored and greatly appreciative if you kindly point such out to us so we could correct same in the shortest possible time. We at operate with a proof reading backup system in an effort to avoid publishing any error but because error is likely however we operate, let it be clearly understood that at no time will any error represent a deliberate misrepresentation of facts with the intention of misleading or otherwise harming anyone in the USA or worldwide.

Liability Disclaimer
This website features thousands of advertisements here at that are placed by a wide range of established USA based companies. There are also ads placed by verified companies that operate from Canada, Europe and elsewhere. Many of the companies often offer significantly discounted goods and services to U.S. consumers and in many cases also to Canadian, European and other global online shoppers. The discounts are usually available when our users click ads at that announce a stated percentage off and directly shop on the advertisers' websites. The advertisements may either be affiliate promotions, paid advertisements, ads from Google AdSense or free promotion. Regarding all advertisers however (including website links) whose advertisements are listed anywhere on this website, we the owners, managers and staff of Patrick O'Neil Media Network Inc/ are not responsible for any claims they make regarding their goods and services. We are not responsible now and will never be responsible for anything our advertisers say in their advertisements at because the words in the advertisements are their own and do not necessarily reflect our knowledge, thoughts or agreement. All your queries regarding products, services or anything whatsoever that's offered or sold by all our advertisers now or in the future must always be forwarded to the advertisers and never to Patrick O'Neil Media Network Inc.,/, its management or any member of its staff. (However, if you would like to inform us about your experience gained while doing business with any of our advertisers, please email us at:- These Terms and Conditions also apply to any third party website that may be hyperlinked from, including RSS news source/sources as described below.

Regarding RSS News feeds on our news pages and headlines on the homepage   
There are over 170 pages of distinct newsrooms here at - one newsroom on each of the more than 170 news pages. For example there is a newsroom for each U.S. state, continent, popular health topic, U.S. Sport, Global Sport and a page each for Kids News, Parenting News, Women's Interests News, Animals News, Arts News, Books News, Personal Finance News, Career News, Jobs News, Lifestyle News, Movies News, Music News, Banking News, Stocks News, Small Business News, Travel News, Viruses News, Web Development News - just to name a few. News in all our newsrooms are automatically updated constantly every time headlines break from popular media locally, nationally and internationally. Up to 30 news headlines from as many sources can appear in a newsroom at one time and each headline is accompanied by a brief description of up to 300 characters (a Tweet is 140 characters max), of what every news item is about. We periodically write headlines on our homepage to match leading stories in the newsrooms and hyperlink each story to the newsroom where the related headline appears. That allows our home page users to easily visit the newsroom where the related headline is located, so they can read the brief description and browse the link to the website that carries the news item. We do not write the headlines on the RSS news pages, nor do we own them. We facilitate links to the news sites but we are not in any way responsible for the contents or ads on the news sites that our users are linked to. All the news headlines and descriptions on our RSS news pages are supplied by Bignewsnetwork dot com. If you ever have a question regarding any RSS hyperlinked news item that appears in any of our newsrooms, please click the link, then the contact button on that news site and submit your question to the website. If you want to send us questions about the news feeds, please send your question or comment to

  Website Description Notice and our Terms & Conditions offers six major services for our visitors as well as for our advertisers.
(1) The over 170 Newsrooms that feature constantly updating RSS news feeds as described above, from leading news sources locally, nationally and internationally.

(2.) The Bargains Directory which features close to 100 distinct categories that easily link online shoppers to hundreds of leading companies that offer up to 85% discount on a wide range of goods.

(3.) A Press Release Directory that allows businesses to frequently publish their press releases in relevant categories to matching keyword phrases. We promote each press release page on the major search engines that also promote each release via their hundreds of affiliate search engines and we also invite thousands of journalists to see the press releases as they are published. We ask the journalists to produce radio, TV, newspaper and Internet news from the press releases, in an effort to attract huge audiences to the companies that publish the press releases. The journalists we invite include many who represent the news organizations whose news feeds we constantly promote. We also invite thousands of Patrick O'Neil's radio fans via opt-in emails as well as thousands of his Social media followers to see each press release.

(4) A Podcast Directory that features audio presentations about companies goods and services. The directory pages also feature advertisements in relevant categories. We will produce a "Daily Breaking Business News and Bargains Update" audio Podcast and publish the current day's copy on the directory index. When applicable, Podcasts that relate to the categories featured on the directory index will be available when our visitors browse the links.

(5.) Companies' Newsletters and Videos Directory featuring the latest newletters in relevant categories from companies. The newsletter links that are published by the companies may connect our visitors to the landng pages on the advertisers' websites where up to 85% discount is being offered. The advertisers may also choose to place relevant YouTube videos beside their newletter links that briefly describe what they are marketing; which can include significant discounts.     

(6.) Directory With Articles That We Write About Goods and Services: We research and write articles about goods and services in the categories listed in this directory. Our focus is to research and write about goods and services in this directory, to keep our users informed. The research that we do and information that we provide, may also often guide our visitors to significant savings.

Regarding all information, audio interviews, written statements or presentations as well as videos and any website links and all materials owned by our advertisers that are listed in all the directories, on our news pages or anywere on, we the owners, managers and staff of Patrick O'Neil Media Network Inc/ are not responsible for any claims the advertisers make regarding their goods and services. We are not responsible now and will never be responsible for anything our advertisers say or authorize us to publish in the directories or anywhere on because whatever is published is their own material and do not necessarily reflect our knowledge, thoughts or agreement.           

  No Unlawful of Prohibited Use 
As a condition of your use of this website, you warrant that you will not use for any purpose that is unlawful or prohibited by these Terms, Conditions and Notices. If you intend to use this website unlawfully or against the principles of our Terms, Conditions and Notices herein stated, we ask that you please do not use this website at all and we would be thankful to you for respecting our wishes.

  Modifications of these Terms, Conditions and Notices 
Patrick O'Neil Media Network Inc.,/ reserves all rights to change the terms, conditions and notices at any time, under which this website, operates.

  Governing Laws 
This web site operates in accordance with all ethical, business laws and principles as set forth in the jurisdiction of the United States of America and similar treaties in all countries in the world, in conjunction with the United Nations.

The Management and staff of Patrick O'Neil Media Network Inc./, a privately owned company, are committed to upholding utmost business morals and legal excellence.

May 9, 2014

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