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Daily Mail Tuesday April 4, 2017
Nasa and Boeing will launch a new space station by 2020
A new generation of space stations which will allow humanity to reach out further into the universe could become a reality within the next three years. The first base - known as the Deep Space Gateway - will orbit between Earth and the moon and is expected to launch as early as 2020. The habitat will support critical research and open up opportunities for future exploration of deep space, as well as a return to the moon and missions to Mars. Nasa has teamed up with six companies to develop deep space vehicles as part of its NextSTEP program. And Boeing has now revealed its vision for the habitat and space vehicle that will allow astronauts to journey to Mars. The Seattle-based aerospace firm's Deep Space Gateway will be launched using Nasa's Space Launch System (SLS). The SLS is currently being put through its paces, in anticipation of its first mission in November 2018...Read more