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Former Manchester United striker Dwight Yorke was served legal documents before his Seas the Moment fete in Tobago on Saturday, as current Chutney Soca Monarch Neval Chatelal has sued him in an effort to recover $250,000 which was lent to Yorke last year. Chatelal has been pleading unsuccessfully since May last year with Yorke to pay him back the $250,000, according to documents filed in the San Fernando High Court on Thursday. In the court documents, which have been obtained by the T&T Guardian, Chatelal said following the fete Yorke held in Tobago last March, known as Island Vibe, Yorke approached him to borrow some money. Yorke, 46, said he needed the money because he was in “financial difficulty and unable to meet certain debts,” Chatelal stated in the court documents. Among those that Yorke owed were the caterers who also took legal action but the matter was eventually settled out-of-court. According to the court documents filed by Chatelal, Yorke stated he was “unable to secure a lender and desperately needed to pay service providers for his Island Vibe all-inclusive party which did not net a profit.” Yorke said that “approaching the bank was not a viable consideration, as the time for approval from his bank would place him in an embarrassing situation with the persons and companies to which he was indebted after the event,” the court documents stated. Chatelal agreed to lend Yorke the $250,000. Yorke, in turn, agreed to repay the $250,000 and $50,000 in interest after two months. On March 7, last year Chatelal deposited the $250,000 into the Dwight Yorke Foundation Account held at Republic Bank. After the two months passed when Yorke was allegedly supposed to repay all the money, Chatelal contacted him. A series of WhatsApp...Read More
Guardian / Monday February 19, 2018
(Broke Dwight) Yorke sued by Neval for $.25m