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Complementary exposure to millions when you sponsor Patrick O'Neil's Newscasts or air ads
You are invited to sponsor Patrick O'Neil's Newscasts to be aired on WAVS 1170 AM radio five times weekly - Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays during popular morning or afternoon drive programs. We are asking you to sponsor one 4-minute Patrick O'Neil Newscast one day weekly - four times for each month. For example on Mondays only or you can choose to sponsor all 20 newscasts monthly or newscasts for more than one day each week. As the sponsor, your company's name and website address or phone number will be mentioned at the in-queue as a 15-second ad and your 30 second sponsorship ad will be aired at the end of each newscast that you sponsor. When you sponsor any Patrick O'Neil newscast that we offer on WAVS 1170 AM radio, we add the following very attractive complementary promotional package to continuously promote your goods or services to a vast audience.

1. We stream WAVS 1170 AM live here at and place on the page, a current 125x125 pixels ad for each sponsor, supplied to us by the advertiser/sponsor. If your company is the only sponsor of all the newscasts, we will post your 300 x 250 pixels ad instead of the 125 x 125 pixels ads. With the aid of Google's Keywords tool, we research and apply the appropriate online radio keywords to optimize the "Live Radio" page and also use other highly respected online promotional services to continuously attract traffic to the radio page where visitors can listen live to Patrick O'Neil's newscasts and your ad. On the radio page we also state the time the newscasts are aired and post a social media network widget; which allows our visitors to conveniently invite their social media friends and others to listen also, as shown here.

2. We also place one 125x125 pixels ad or one 120x90 pixels ad for each of our five radio news sponsors, on our 'Breaking News' index page that we will continuously promote.  However, if your company is the only sponsor, we will post five of your ads instead, on said page and the ads can include a Leader Board size at the foot of the page.

3. For the lifetime of the radio promotions, we give a free dedicated page to each sponsor of Patrick O'Neil's newscasts on WAVS radio and also to each advertiser whose 30 or 60 second ads we air on the station. On the dedicated page at, each radio news sponsor and radio advertiser can place a 300x250 pixels ad, a video, a brief summary of the company as well as of the goods or services offered and a current press release each month. Every month when we publish the press release on the dedicated page, we will promptly notify via emails, hundreds of journalists including bloggers and ask them to look at the press releases and consider writing, publishing and broadcasting news from the articles. This site founder Patrick O'Neil, a journalist and radio broadcaster, continuously works to build and maintain a close working relationship with fellow journalists and broadcasters. This significantly increases the likelihood that many of the journalists likely will promote news from the press releases. Patrick O'Neil also offers to interview a representative of each company by phone once per month to produce a Podcast. The interview will be recorded and posted on the advertiser's dedicated page and please note at (a.) and (b.) below how we arrange to promote each dedicated page via emails, social media network and also note our plan to attract television and radio listeners.

(a.) We ask that you supply us with your video to be published on your dedicated page for example the first week of the month - your press release the second week - and Patrick O'Neil will conduct the interview to publish your Podcast the third week of the month. By way of emails once per month we will notify Patrick O'Neil's over 35,000 fans from radio of when each video, press release and Podcast will be published. We will ask them to visit each page when the items are published and invite their friends, relatives, religious associates, co-workers and followers on social network sites to do the same. We will similarly invite Patrick O'Neil's thousands of followers on various social network sites including Twitter, to do the same. This vast audience includes over 4,300 Patrick O'Neil followers on LinkedIn, most of whom have willingly offered to introduce Patrick O'Neil/ to their connections of currently over 18,904,400 consumers - and growing.

(b.) Every time we publish your video and press release, we will invite scores of television journalists via emails to see them and ask that they consider using a clip from your video and info from your press release in any desired news presentation. Also, every time we publish your press release and Podcast, we will invite scores of radio journalists via emails to see them and ask that they consider using a soundbyte from your Podcast and info from your press release in any desired news item. The news items will always include your company's name and website address.

4. We also use Google and Bing technologies as well as other highly regarded Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O.) tools and services to position each dedicated page in a high ranking position in the organic (non pay per click) category to match current, very popular relevant keywords on Google, Bing, Ask, AOL and their partner search engines, in addition to exposure in relevant categories to matching, popular but scarcely used keywords on over 350 smaller search engines and in over 1,800 online directories. Learn how the tools promote each web page.
5. We offer WAVS 1170 AM radio news sponsorship opportunities to up to five companies and 30 or 60 second ad placement opportunities to up to 10 companies. Each month we produce and distribute by hand 5,000 tri-folded 8.5" x 11" brochures or magazines to promote the radio news sponsors and radio advertisers' goods and services among six million consumers in South Florida; which includes Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach. The aim of the brochure is to also expose our WAVS radio advertisers to Patrick O'Neil's fans from four other radio stations and from the Sun-Sentinel, who are acquainted with his award winning work. We write a brief, precise, attractive promo for each advertiser that's easy to read quickly. For example:- "Get unique, classy shoes for you and the family at up to 50% discount. Act quickly because this deal won't last long. Visit today and use this coupon promo code: Dealnow5245847. Phone: 1-888-888-8888".

(a.) Every month we distribute the 5,000 brochures/magazines by hand to a different set of South Florida consumers at their offices, at bus stations, train stations, to University/College students at their campuses, door-to-door, at the libraries, to caregivers at nursing homes, also to doctors, nurses and other medical professionals at hospitals and clinics as well as to religious groups.

(b.) On the back of the brochure we encourage consumers to visit and complete a survey. The survey will allow us to keep them up to date via emails with your latest offers, videos, press releases or interviews involving your company representative, conducted by Patrick O'Neil. It will also allow us to send them coupons and other deals as soon as they are offered. While you continue to be our radio advertiser, we will also continuously send targeted consumers to your dedicated page from social media, Patrick O'Neil's fan base and other our sources to match the preferences they express on our survey form.

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