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VOA Wednesday October 18, 2017
US Prosecutors Announce First-ever Indictments Against Chinese Opioid Manufacturers
U.S. law enforcement officials announced Tuesday the indictments of two Chinese nationals and several American and Canadian associates charged with manufacturing and shipping fentanyl and other deadly opioids directly from China to the United States. U.S. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein said the charges against Xiaobing Yan, 40, and Jian Zhang, 38, represented the first-ever indictments brought against designated Chinese manufactures of fentanyl and other opiate substances. 'Zhang and Yan are the first Chinese nationals designated as Consolidated Priority Organization Targets,' Rosenstein said at a press conference. 'CPOTS are among the most significant drug trafficking threats in the world.' The indictments come amid a national controversy over the drug industry's complicity in feeding a deadly opioid epidemic in the United States. Rosenstein said the charges highlight 'a disturbing facet' of the crisis. 'Fentanyl and fentanyl analogues are coming into the country in numerous ways, including shipments from factories in China directly to U.S. customers who purchased it on the internet,' Rosenstein said...Read more