Our Governance / Creed
The Patrick O’Neil Media Network Inc./ Governance/Creed
A statement of what we believe and the Business and Moral Principles that guide us.

We are in the business of media operations and marketing with the committed intent to help all of our advertisers grow their businesses here in the U.S.A and  worldwide. We are qualified experts to do this very effectively because of our distinguished background in marketing and multi-media operations, in addition to  our affiliations with other powerful media corporations. We protect our clients by using our accumulated respect, negotiating skills and influence to negotiate for the lowest possible advertising rates to promote our advertisers' goods and services as well as via the mass media, then offer incredibly low rates to advertisers who place ads at This ensures that each ad placed on our website potentially can be viewed by millions of consumers who respond to ads that promote on radio and television stations as well as online and via multi-media press releases as a leading source that connects consumers to bargains and breaking news.

We practice conducting our own comprehensive marketing and demographic research and often consult with other media experts, so that we will always identify the best possible media — websites, newspapers, magazines, radio and television stations to place incredibly economical press releases for our clients. Media institutions that we focus on using to place press releases for our clients include leading local, national and global media corporations - and any news organization whose breaking news headlines we consistently carry in distinct categories on hundreds of pages, examples of which you can see from here.
We strive to provide superior business promotion values to our advertisers, designed to meet their varied needs better than all possible alternatives. Our goal is to maintain long term, mutually profitable business relationships.
We believe Patrick O’Neil Media Network Inc./’s customers are our most important assets. Our management team, our staff and all the affiliated media staffs we work closely with, who are all knowledgeable, talented and highly trained professionals, help us to significantly separate our high standard of work from our competitors. These exceptionally high standards put us in the unique position to offer ads at really low rates, place ads in categories to match what's being advertised and consistently invite a vast crowd of targeted consumers to see each ad. Our high standards also allow us to negotiate low rates with radio stations.
We want to be measured by the standard of excellence, so we seek to achieve and maintain Global Broadcasting Excellence by encouraging and nurturing these core values:-
. Respect for all persons
.  Open and honest communication
.  Always being innovative and creative to achieve our goal
.  Staying up to date with technological, demographic and other industry changes, so that we will always be qualified to offer our clients the best possible radio, television, other media resources and advertising services

    We at Patrick O’Neil Media Network Inc./ believe success is measured by:-   
. Being a leader in the market we serve

. Being quick to identify, apologize (if necessary) and rectify any error

. Endeavoring to maintain the highest standards of integrity, ethics and honesty in every aspect of our business dealings and operations; which include Public Relations, Consulting, On Air Broadcasting, News Research, News Writing, News Editing, Technical News Production including gathering and integrating sound bytes, On Air News Reading, Narration, Press Releases, Commercial Script Writing, Commercial Voicing, Public Speaking and similar.
. We endeavor to establish and maintain close ties with diversified media, nationally and internationally to remain a uniquely privileged Media Corporation to be always able to offer low rates to our advertisers who place ads at and also to all companies or persons whose press releases we submit to the mass media to be considered as breaking news items.          
. We believe the ultimate success we can achieve is to place our advertisers' ads on radio stations to reach  target audience and in relevant categories at for small fees, then expose the ads to millions of consumers by promoting consistently and extensively online, on many radio and television stations, by press releases to all forms of media and via thousands of newsletter copies delivered monthly house to house, to commuters at bus stops and train stations and to employees at their offices.

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