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ANI | Wednesday October, 18, 2017
After Harvey Weinstein, Bob Weinstein accused of sexual harassment by TV producer
In a shocking turn of events, Bob Weinstein, brother of studio mogul Harvey Weisntein, is now being accused of sexual harassment. Amanda Seagel, the former executive producer in The Weinstein Company, claimed that the producer repeatedly made unwanted advances toward her, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Talking a leading U.S. publication, Seagel confirmed that the harassment started last summer and went on for approximately three months. The harassment stopped when her lawyer David Fox informed about the inappropriate behaviour to executives of the company. Seagel's other attorney Suann MacIsaac shared, "Amanda Segel was the victim of sexual harassment by Bob Weinstein. As she eloquently put it, the word 'no' should be enough' for any woman. Unfortunately, it was not in her case Ms. Segel should be applauded for coming forward with her truthful allegations. The efforts to deny the harassment are shameful." Meanwhile, Bob Weinstein's attorney Bert Fields has refuted the harassment allegations. He said, "Bob Weinstein is riddled with false and...Read more