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Patrick O'Neil Media Network Inc. operates this website as well as other media services.

We offer high quality; professional media services, under the skillful guidance of our President and CEO Patrick O'Neil, who is a media expert. He has 17 years experience as a Media Buyer, Radio Broadcaster, Radio News Reader, Journalist, Marketer of Commercials, Commercials Scriptwriter and Voiceover Technician, Radio and Television Producer and is also narrator of Tribune owned Sun-Sentinel's award winning documentary - "Witness to and Epidemic, AIDS in the Caribbean" - accredited by the Online News Association (ONA) and the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.

The Media Services We Offer

  • We operate which has been online since July 2002. There are many services offered here at that are designed to benefit consumers and you can learn more about the services here.

  • We offer Media Buying Services that we perform by negotiating with radio stations anywhere in the US to secure ad spots airtime for our clients at economical rates on popular programs

  • We offer to script, voice and produce radio commercials in FM quality MP3 format for our clients, then submit the MP3 to  the radio stations that we buy airtime from for the advertisers, for the ads to be aired

  • We offer to negotiate with radio stations to secure airtime for our clients at economical rates and in any instance where a client has a pre recorded professional advertisement in MP3 format to be aired on radio and submit it to us for the airwaves and request that it be the only copy aired, we will give only that copy to the radio stations for airplay

  • We offer to negotiate with radio; which can be either one station in a specified US city when the avertiser wants to target only the consumers in that city or with for example two radio stations in a major US city in every state if the advertiser wants to target consumers throughout the US. Our mission is to secure time slots on popular programs at economical rates for our clients so that we can produce their special weekly features in our studio and host the features each week on the radio programs to promote our clients' goods and services in an interview format, on all the radio stations that we have the arrangements with in the city or cities that a client requests.

  • We offer to negotiate with radio stations in US cities where our clients want to promote goods and services to prospective customers by Press Releases that are GUARANTEED to be aired on radio as special features. How it works is that we offer monthly paid Press Release Services here at and each press release advertiser gets a dedicated page where only that advertiser's press releases are published. We ask that the advertiser publishes one press release monthly and each month as we publish the advertiser's press release, we produce a special 5-minute radio feature from the press release which can include interviewing the advertising company's CEO or a designated representative. Our interviews for radio are primarily conducted by Patrick O'Neil and can be done via telephone wherever the interviewee is located in the world. We use our advanced multimedia tools to record the interview in FM quality MP3 format, produce it for radio and have it aired on the radio station we have the agreement with. We also publish the features on our clients' press release pages at and make copies available so that our clients can post them on their websites. Our standard economical monthly fee for the press release service allows the feature to be aired on one radio station monthly but we can discuss the additional fee required to air the press release feature on each additional radio station.

  • We currently offer economical promotions on a radio station in South Florida to local businesses and advertisers anywhere in the US who want to target one million consumers in South Florida. We also are producing a publication and shortly will be distributing thousands of copies each month in South Florida to homes, offices, other places of employment as well as to passengers at bus and train stations to promote We will prominently promote companies for free in the publication that advertise with us on this radio station.  

Please send us your questions about our Radio Package to: -

  • We invite television stations to see our clients' press releases every time we publish them at and ask that they produce and air news from the items and we also offer to work closely with them to produce the news.    

  • We offer Media Buying Services that we perform by negotiating with TV stations anywhere in the US to secure ad spots at economical rates for our clients.

For questions about how we may help you with TV exposure please send your query to:-

To discover more about our advertising servies and to also learn how  to pay for the services we offer, please go here

These are the convenient services that we offer to consumers:-
We consistently guide consumers to thousands of breaking news headlines in specified categories from close to 5,000 leading media outlets. The news sources include top local, national and global media organizations. The headlines are automatically updated constantly as they break on any topic, anywhere in the world. All headlines are collated to save our users valuable time; for example: - there is a newsroom for each U.S. state that features breaking news relating to the specified state. There is also a distinct newsroom for each continent, country as well as each sport and health topic. Other distinct newsrooms include matters of personal interests regarding women, kids, parenting, animals, environment, food, travel, weather, home and garden, wireless, computers and related technologies, scientific developments, careers, job opportunities and more very popular topics. The news headlines also often link users to stories that include video and audio interviews, as well as comments from other viewers and our users can also contribute their comments in real time. You can visit your favorite newsrooms here at several times per day and invite others to join you, with full confidence that you and your invitees will see late breaking headlines from well known, reputable media sources to keep you up to date.
We also connect consumers with companies that offer significant discount
We have spent eight years researching thousands of companies to identify those that offer the best deals and our research is continuous. We do it because we are committed to consistently connect users to companies that offer the best discounts on top quality goods and services. We do several things to help consumers save time and money - learn more.

Benefits to Advetisers
We offer services to consumers that are in very high demand. Consumers stand to benefit greatly when they check this website often. As an advertiser, you can place your ads on our web pages so that our users can continuously see whatever you are offering. Aditionally, because the founder of, Patrick O'Neil is an established Radio Personality, we have plans in place to frequently invite vast radio audiences to visit often to see the latest offers from our advertisers. Our advertisers stand to benefit significantly from radio audieces without payng for radio advertising - learn more.

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