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By Sheetal Sukhija | Thursday December 28, 2017
How Trumpís Twitter habit outraged the world in 2017
Experts, who have always warned against spontaneous interactions involving the President of a country, which hold greater possibilities of disastrous gaffes were left baffled this year as Americaís Tweeter-in-chief assumed power. Right from the start of the year, a majority of the headlines have focussed mainly on U.S. President Donald Trumpís Twitter habit, that has not just sparked international incidents but has often jeopardized Americaís relations with not just its friends but also its foes. From a game of name-calling with nuclear North Korea, to minor disputes with Sweden, and even the threat of ending its age-old close ties with the U.K. - Trumpís tweets have led to chaos and more. The Presidentís Twitter habit, which experts have tried to understand, analyse and break down in more ways than one over the year, often come in a series and are both, comments on the news and creating news. For experts within any U.S. administration, avoiding unscripted moments in foreign affairs is a priority, and there are entire bureaucratic apparatuses that exist just to avoid such incidents. Further, even the most on-message president can slip up and cause an international incident. At one point, former U.S. President Ronald Reagan joked into a hot mic that ďwe begin bombing [the Soviet Union] in five minutes,Ē prompting a brief red alert of Soviet forces. Trumpís predecessor Barack Obama too had one such controversial moment, when he referred to ďPolish death campsĒ and having to apologize for seeming to conflate the occupied Poles with the Nazis. With no lack of such incidents in history, president Trumpís Twitter feed has caused a heartburn among U.S. national-security professionals and the trend has carried on through the year...Read more