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By Sheetal Sukhija | Monday January 15, 2018  
Cheaters feel loveless, new study reveals
A new research has revealed the answer to one of the most heated questions in modern relationships - Why do cheaters cheat. The new study, conducted by The Journal of Sex Research has revealed that the main cause of infidelity is the feeling of a “lack of love.” According to findings of the study, there could be a myriad of reasons why people cheat on their partners but the main reason is not what people expect. The report found that a majority of people who cheat said they "had fallen out of love with my primary partner.” Further, a report quoted Chelsea Leight Trescott, a relationship expert and founder of Breakupward as explaining, "While the guttural reaction to being cheated on is often that the person cheating has fallen out of love, the more accurate reasoning is that the person cheating no longer feels loved by his or her partner." The journal said that 495 young adults had participated in the study and all of the participants had cheated on their partners at some point. The participants filled out an online questionnaire about their infidelity and 'Lack of love' was noted as the reason by 77 percent of them. Meanwhile, 74 percent respondents said they cheated because they simply had a desire for sexual partners.  Further, 70 percent said they cheated because they felt neglected by their partner and 70 percent were also drunk or not thinking when...Read more
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