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Sun-Sentinel l Wednesday April 3, 2018
'I was absorbed in pornography for hours and hours’: How porn is affecting kids
If liquor companies had vending machines outside their buildings and to buy some, you had to press a button that asked: Are you 21? Yes or no? Would you, as a parent, stand for it? Anti-pornography advocates say the answer would be no — and the same should apply to online porn sites. Eleven is the average age a child is first exposed to porn. And 94 percent of kids will see porn by age 14. Documentary filmmaker Jared Brock says he saw porn for the first time when he was 10. Former porn addict David Paisley, 29, was around 11 or 12 —that’s when the internet came into his home. “I might have snuck pictures from a catalog before, but when the internet came … then I could get anything I wanted. It got really bad in high school, it was a free-for-all,” he said. Gone is the porn of yesteryear, when materials were behind beaded curtains in the video store or in brown bags on newsstands. Type the word sex into a search engine, and get a screen full of hardcore pornography in less than five seconds, Brock said. And it’s available 24/7 on handheld devices, which means younger children are seeing hardcore porn at a time when their brains are still developing and the dopamine...Read more