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RJR, Thursday October 11, 2017
Four arrested in connection with divorce scam
News is emerging that the divorce scam in Jamaica could be more widespread than initially reported. This was revealed by Justice Minister Delroy Chuck in an interview with RJR News on Monday night. He made the disclosure after four persons, including a Supreme Court employee, were charged on Monday in connection with the scam. The arrests were made by the Counter Terrorism and Organized Crime Investigation Branch (C-TOC) which charged the suspects with forgery, uttering forged documents, and conspiracy. Mr. Chuck said there is likely to be more and that they should be removed from the system. The Justice Minister last month revealed that his ministry discovered a scam where divorce decrees are being signed by fictitious judges. The decree absolute is the second of two documents required to dissolve a marriage. Chuck said the ministry became aware of the scam after persons, who obtained a divorce and later remarried, turned up seeking new marriage licenses...Read more