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Caribbean 360 Thursday June 29, 2017
A Car Manufacturer Could Soon Set up Shop in Jamaica
Negotiations are far advanced with a motor-vehicle manufacturer to operate out of one of the six special economic zones (SEZs) that have already been designated by the Government. Chairman of the Jamaica Special Economic Zone Authority, Metry Seaga, did not disclose what car manufacturer it would be, but said the entity’s operations would mainly entail assembly. “We actually have some of the vehicles here now, and it’s a programme we’re working towards… (and) we’re just trying to finalize it. But Jamaicans will be able to get cars… at significantly lower prices,” he pointed out. Seaga was speaking recently on the Jamaica Information Service (JIS) news magazine programme, ‘Issues and Answers’. SEZs represent a wide variety of geographically demarcated areas that offer simple and efficient business regulations and procedures for investors...Read more
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