Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Q:- What is the mission of
A:- The mission of is to help consumers conveniently find significant bargains, money saving services and loan opportunities here on this website, offered by up to thousands of companies. It is also our determination to feature RSS news feeds in hundreds of categories from leading news source or sources that grant us the permission to do so. The goal is for users to always have easy access to continuous breaking news in every US state, all countries and territories worldwide as well as on almost any topic, in addition to having easy access to incredible bargains, money saving services and loan opportunities.      

Q:- How do you hope to accomplish your mission?
A:- We expect that this will only happen by way of extensive research and negotiations. It's very hard work but we are committed to the task. In fact we have researched thousands of well known companies since 2002 to find many from among them that would agree with us to place their advertisements, coupons and links in relevant categories here at to offer significant discounts to shoppers on this website. Additionally, we are in touch with many news aggregators who have agreed for us to feature their RSS news feeds.

Q:- Have you found companies that are willing to offer discounts to shoppers at
A:- Yes, so far over 1,300 well known, reputable companies have agreed to place their advertisements, coupons and links here at They offer up to 85% discount when our users browse those ads, links and coupons at and shop on the advertisers' websites.

Q:- Is that discount of up to 85% off applicable only to special items and from specific companies?
A:- No - the discount of up to 85% off applies to a vast number of items offered by hundreds of companies that sell millions of items. This may be applicable to almost anything that the shopper is looking for.

Q:- So, where do shoppers go on this website to find such incredible bargains?
A:- We have provided a Bargains Directory that features hundreds of companies and helpful descriptions in appropriate categories. The companies offer up to 85% discount when our shoppers browse the applicable ads, links or coupons at and shop on the advertisers' websites. It is also a good idea to check the bargains directory often because ads and coupons published there are designed to automatically change periodically to reflect companies' current discount offers. 

Q:- Are there other places apart from the home page, where ads and coupons can be found here at and are you featuring the RSS news feeds that you referred to earlier?
A:- Yes, we are currently featuring up to 30 news items per page on more than 200 news pages here at with RSS news feeds provided by Bignewsnetwork in specific categories. This is a leading way to stay up to date with breaking news in each US state, every country and territory worldwide and on just about any topic. Each news item is presented with a news brief similar to a Tweet in addition to a headline that links to the news source. Ads and coupons that are also designed to change periodically to reflect advertisers' current offers are also easily accessible from all the news pages.  

Q:- Do you also offer money saving services and loan opportunities here at
A:- We provide the Financial Help Directory; which links our users to a range of companies that offer no obligation free quotes to show how to access any available savings on many types of services. Examples of such companies include those offering Auto Warranty, Auto, Life, Dental, Health, Home, Renters, Boat and other forms of insurance. Other no obligation forms that can be filled out to search for the best available financial help include Auto Loans, Mortgage Help, Loan till Payday, Degree/student loan application forms and more.

Q:- Do you offer other services to help consumers?
A:- Knowing that some consumers would like to hear what many companies' managers or officials have to say about their goods and services, we provide a Podcast Directory where our users can go to listen to such presentations or interviews and connect with the companies. Bearing in mind that many of our users would like to read something about some companies before doing business with them, we also provide a Profiles Directory where they can go to see companies' profiles listed by categories and visit their websites. Recognizing the importance of press releases, this site also features a Press Release Directory where we publish companies' press releases in relevant categories. This is where you can find companies' latest announcements and you can access links to their websites from their press releases.
Q:- Is there anything else you might be forgetting that you offer here at to help consumers?
A:- Knowing how busy life is, we have provided a survey form that allows all our visitors to request that we notify them via emails about every kind of bargain that they are looking for. We invite all our visitors to complete and submit this simple survey form to request that we send the notifications as soon as the bargains and coupons become available.

Regarding Advertisers
Q:- You obviously provide excellent services to consumers but what do you offer to advertisers?       
A:- We are confident that advertisers who expose their goods and services in our directories mentioned above would get exciting results. Advertising with us is also unique because some of our advedrtising plans also guarantee exposure in our monthly print publications that we distribute door-to-door and at places of employment in South Florida in addition to guaranteed exposure on radio as explained here.  

We sincerely thank you for reading our FAQs and answers.
    Welcome to our FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions about us and the answers we give   

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