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News24 Friday September 15, 2017
London train attack: What we know
More than 20 passengers were injured, some suffering severe burns, in an early morning explosion on a London Underground train in what police described as a "terrorist incident," the fifth attack in six months in Britain. What happened: Emergency services were called around 8:20 am (07:20 GMT) after the explosion at Parsons Green station in a leafy southwestern suburb which police counter-terror chief Mark Rowley said had been caused by an "improvised explosive device." Police immediately declared an investigation into a "terrorist incident." One Twitter user who posted pictures of a smouldering white bucket in the carriage described a "fireball" which "flew down (the) carriage." Prime Minister Theresa May was preparing to chair an emergency cabinet meeting while her foreign minister, former London mayor Boris Johnson, appealed for calm as did current mayor Sadiq Khan...Read more