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High Commissioners from across Caribbean Commonwealth nations have joined together to call on Britain to speedily tackle an increasingly tough immigration regime which has resulted in many elderly Caribbean-born men and women, who have lived in the U.K. for decades, facing penalties and even threatened with deportation. The call comes ahead of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in London next week, and in the wake of a number of cases emerging, including of one elderly man, who arrived in Britain more than 40-years-ago, being denied NHS treatment for cancer. “Being a product of the Commonwealth, London-born, of Indian and Barbadian migrants to the U.K., I am dismayed that this situation could even exist in the 21st century; that people who gave their all to Britain could be seemingly discarded so matter-of-factly,” said Guy Hewitt, High Commissioner of Barbados to the U.K. Approximately 555,000 West Indians migrated to Britain between 1948 and 1973, alongside migrants from other parts of the Commonwealth, responding to Britain’s call for migrant labour to meet labour shortages. While the immediate issue centres around the treatment of Caribbean-born residents, particularly those who arrived as minors — and are referred to as the “Windrush” generation — there are concerns for the estimated 50,000 Commonwealth-born persons who arrived in Britain before 1971, without clear residency status. - ‘Illegal immigrants’ - Rather than treating those cases as “anomalies” to be regularised, they were being treated as “illegal immigrants”, the statement from the High Commissioners warned... Read more

Bignewsnetwork | Friday April 13, 2018
Caribbean diplomats raise immigration issue with U.K.