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  This Is How We Help Consumers  
  • We have applied our 32 years experience in marketing, combined with 17 years experience in broadcasting, journalism and advertising to research companies to identify a large number of them that frequently offer incredible bargains on up to millions of items.

  • We have also searched and continue to search media reports, Better Business Bureaus and complaint websites to see whether the companies that we focus on, have any unresolved complaints against them or reputation issues.

  • Over the last ten years we have researched thousands of companies and negotiate with reputable ones from that list for them to place their advertisements including coupons and links here at

  • The companies often supply us with their display ads, links and coupons that offer up to 85% discount when our users click the display ads, links and coupons at and shop on the advertisers' websites. The display ads, links and coupons are placed in relevant categories along with brief descriptions, in our 'Bargains Directory' here on this site. Display ads, links and coupons are also easily accessible from over 200 news pages here at that feature RSS news feeds in specified categories for the convenience of our users; which can be accessed from here. We would be happy to notify you as soon as we publish the ads or coupons that relate to these bargains so you can see how you may get top quality products at up to 85% off. For us to send you the updates, you will need to browse our survey button below and let us know the goods or services you would like us to notify you about.       

  • Some of the companies that we promote offer finalcial help and we provide a Financial Help Directory that links our users to a range of companies that offer no obligation free quotes to show how to access any available savings on many types of services. Examples of no obligation free quotes that are offered to show any signifant available savings include Auto Warranty, Auto, Life, Dental, Health, Home, Renters, Boat and other forms of insurance. Other no obligation forms that can be filled out to search for the best available financial help include Auto Loans, Mortgage Help, Loan till Payday, Degree/student loan application forms and more.

  • This website also consists of a Podcast Directory that features companies' audio presentations about their goods and services as well as about any available jobs, investment and other opportunities. The presentations are either done by our advertisers and submitted to us or are interviews professionally done in FM radio quality by this website founder Patrick O'Neil who is a radio broadcaster/producer and journalist of award winning work.

  • This site also features a Profiles Directory where we feature companies' profiles listed by categories. There is a summary of each company including a profile of the company's founder, when the company was founded, where it was founded, its current location, why the company was founded, what makes the company stand out among competetiors, how consumers can expect to benefit from the company's goods and services and the company's target market. There is also the latest company video and up to the maximum amount of business related photos allowed by us that the advertiser wishes to publish.     

  • We publish companies' Press Releases in relevant categories in the 'Companies Press Releases Directory' here at This is where you can find the latest announcements from companies, including upcoming changes, events, investment opportunities, available jobs, new management, new location and all that they are doing or plan to do shortly to help improve the lives of consumers.

  • Additionally, this website offers hundreds of pages of breaking news headlines laid out in specific categories from nearly 5,000 leading media organizations comprised of  local, national and global media. The headlines are automatically updated constantly in each news room as news reports break anywhere in the U.S. or worldwide on any topic. There is a specific newsroom for each U.S. mainland state and a newsroom for each continent and sport as well as one each for Aging, Cancer, Fitness, Healthcare, Medical, Natural Health, Psychology, Public Health, Food, Home and Garden, Travel, Animals, Women, Parenting, Kids, Computers, Wireless, Career, Consumer, Finance, Movies, Music, Entertainment News and nearly any popular topic that the majority of Internet users frequently search for. The headlines featured in our newsrooms are often way ahead of local radio and television reports. You can always stay in touch with what's happening by visiting our news pages several times per day.

This survey allows you to request that we notify you every time we post a new coupon, ad, link or update in any of our directories including a press release that relates to goods or services that you are interested in. You can also request notification whenever there is a breaking news item in any of our newsrooms regarding a specified topic. Our Survey  

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