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By Sheetal Sukhija | Sunday December 10, 2017
Don’t just poke - hug and wink at friends on Facebook now
In a bid to reinvent some of its features, Facebook has decided to soon launch a bunch of new ‘greetings’ to friends. According to reports, the social media giant is reinventing its poke option - and will add features that will allow users to send a variety of greetings including high-five, hugs and winks. The feature is reportedly being rolling out to some users in Britain, Thailand, Australia, Canada, Columbia and France. The new features are reportedly an attempt by the company to revive the ‘poke’ option that has somewhat waned in popularity. The features can be accessed under the 'Hello' button on a user’s profile and they can try out the new option by just holding the button. On the desktop, reports pointed out that users can hover over the ‘Hello’ button - which will pop up the options. The new greetings will also have an ‘undo’ button, in case a user sends the greeting by accident. Each of the new greeting will interact with a friend's profile in a unique manner. Interestingly, the ‘hug’ greeting will embrace a friend's profile picture, while ‘poke’ will give the profile picture a gentle nudge. The latest update comes a week after Facebook said that it is stepping up the use of artificial intelligence to identify members of the leading social network who may be thinking of suicide...Read more