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gamesindustry | Monday November 27, 2017
Finding your place in the Creative Industries
The first ever BAFTA Creative Careers Showcase was held at BAFTA's London headquarters on November 9th, and brought together an assortment of teachers, career advisors, aspiring talent and industry professionals and veterans. The result was a mixing pot of industry knowledge, bubbling with insight and enthusiasm, fuelled by informative panels and breakout sessions. As a panelist at the showcase, I was blown away by the sheer amount of useful information available. If you are a teacher or tutor looking to align your learning content to the creative industries, a career advisor looking for the relevant resources to provide your students with or looking to break into the creative industries yourself, then this article is bursting with the information you need. Where are the Job Opportunities? - The first panel of the day, hosted by BAFTA's director of learning and new talent Tim Hunter included the fantastic insights of: Kate O'Connor, executive chair of the Animation UK Council; Alison Small, CEO of the Production Guild; and Jo Twist, CEO of UKIE. First things first then, what are the Creative Industries and what makes them so important? The creative industries, which bring the UK an annual revenue of over $100 billion, is defined by the UK Government's Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) as: "Industries which have their origin in individual creativity, skill and talent and which have a potential for wealth and job creation through the generation and exploitation of intellectual property." This comprises of the arts, film, television and games, and is growing faster than any other industry. Historically, careers in the creative industries were not deemed stable or lucrative but with over...Read more