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Google recently unveiled its new messaging service ‘Chat’, and has faced some heat over the lack of end-to-end encryption in the service. Amnesty International commented on the Google's decision to launch "Chat" without end-to-end encryption, claiming that the move shows utter contempt for the privacy of Android users. The organization added that through this Google has handed a precious gift to cybercriminals and government spies alike. Earlier this week, a Google spokesperson was quoted as confirmed that communications on the new ‘Chat’ service will not be sent over the Internet but through mobile phone carriers, like SMS text messages. The spokesperson also said that the new service will not use end-to-end encryption and that Google is "pausing investment" in its existing mobile messaging app ‘Allo’ which has an option for end-to-end encryption. However, Joe Westby, a technology and human rights researcher at Amnesty International, has said, “Not only does this shockingly retrograde step leave Google lagging behind its closest competitors -- Apple's iMessage and Facebook's WhatsApp both have end-to-end encryption in place by default -- it is also a step backwards from the company's previous attempts at online messaging," Joe Westby, a technology and human rights researcher at Amnesty International.” End-to-end encryption is a way of scrambling digital data so that only the sender and recipient can see it and most popular internet messaging services have recently introduced the feature. End-to-end encryption also ensures that even the company providing the messaging service, cannot access...Read more
Big News Network | Monday April 23, 2018
Amnesty claims Google’s Chat is gift to cybercriminals