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A Russian aeroplane faced an unfortunate situation on Thursday, after its door accidentally flew open, sending bars of gold, platinum and silver falling all over the runway. The incident occurred at the Yakutsk airport in Siberia, when the plane, laden with tonnes of gold-silver alloy, was taking off. Authorities said that some 200 bars, each weighing about 20 kgs were scattered across the runway. Local news reports stated that at least three tonnes of gold worth a stunning $378 million was scattered across the tarmac. The Tass news agency said that an An-12 cargo plane operated by the airline Nimbus was carrying about nine tonnes of precious metals. It lost at least third of its cargo during takeoff from the Yakutsk airport. According to officials, damage to the plane's cargo hatch and possibly strong winds caused it to fly open. The runway was immediately sealed off and a spokesman for the Canadian mine owner later told news agency Interfax that all of the bars have now been recovered...Read more

By Sheetal Sukhija | Friday March 16, 2018
Gold bars line runaway after Russian plane door flies open