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Days after Chinese lawmakers approved changes to the constitution and confirmed a new government, China’s air force staged drills over the South China Sea and the Western Pacific. The Chinese air force said in a statement that a number of its latest bombers and fighters were used to conduct combat patrols over the South China Sea and drills in the Western Pacific after passing over Japan’s southern islands. Official reports noted that H-6K bombers, Su-30 and Su-35 fighter jets carried out the drills, the first such military exercise in the area in over three months. The exercises featured in the operation was the air force’s best preparation for war. Last week, during his closing speech to the legislature, President Xi Jinping sent a strong nationalist message, saying China would crush any attempt to “divide the nation.” He even highlighted Beijing’s hardline stance towards any talk of independence for Taiwan and Hong Kong. On Sunday, the air force released footage of the drills, and Japan’s defence ministry confirmed that eight Chinese military aircraft – including six H-6K bombers, a Tu-154 reconnaissance plane and a Yun-8 transport plane – had passed over the Miyako Strait. According to Zeng Zhiping, a military expert at the...Read more
By Sheetal Sukhija | Monday March 26, 2018
Is China preparing for war? Air force bombers hold drills