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PanArmenian.Net Thursday September 8, 2017
123 million children out of school globally: UNICEF
With 11.5 per cent of school-age children - or 123 million - missing out on learning today, compared to 12.8 per cent - or 135 million - in 2007, the percentage of 6-15 year olds who are out of school has barely decreased in the last decade, UNICEF said on Wednesday, September 6. Pervasive levels of poverty, protracted conflicts and complex humanitarian emergencies have caused this rate to stagnate, UNICEF said, calling for more investments to address the reasons that keep vulnerable children out of school. "Investments aimed at increasing the number of schools and teachers to match population growth are not enough. This business-as-usual approach will not get the most vulnerable children into school - and help them reach their full potential - if they continue to be trapped in poverty, deprivation and insecurity," said UNICEF Chief of Education Jo Bourne. "Governments and the global community must target their investments at eliminating the factors preventing these children from going to school in the first place, including by making schools safe and improving teaching and learning." Children living in the world's poorest countries and in conflict zones are disproportionally affected. Of the 123 million children missing out on school, 40 per cent live in the least developed countries and 20 per cent live in conflict zones...Read more
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