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ANI l Wednesday March 21, 2018
World's last surviving Rhino 'Sudan' dies
The last surviving northern white male rhinoceros of the world, named Sudan, breathed his last on Tuesday. The 45-year-old Sudan was suffering from severe health complications that arose due to age-related infections, as per the Guardian. Sudan, the "gentle giant", who lived in the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya, was put down on Monday after the pain from a degenerative illness became too great. He is survived by his daughter and granddaughter named Fatu and Najin. Late Sudan had made headlines worldwide when, in an effort to raise funds for the conservation of the sub-species, dating app Tinder named him the 'most eligible bachelor in the world'. An age-related infection was detected on its right hind leg in 2017, which was gauged and treated in January, following which it resumed normal movement, as told by Ol Pejeta. A secondary infection was developed beneath the initial one and has left the rhino unresponsive to treatment. The veterinary team said they had euthanised Sudan after his condition worsened over the weekend, leaving him with bad skin wounds. The rhino was unable to stand and was visibly suffering...Read More