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By Sheetal Sukhija | Sunday November 19, 2017
Zimbabwe's massive rally calls for end of Mugabe's rule
In a historic show of unity, the power struggle in Zimbabwe took another turn on Saturday as thousands of people took to the streets in a massive rally, calling on President Robert Mugabe to quit. Celebrating the army takeover on the streets, people participating in the rally tore picture of 93-year-old President Mugabe, who has led Zimbabwe for 37 years, and marched to his office and residence. On Saturday, military helicopters were seen flying low overhead as huge crowds marched into the centre of the city, waving Zimbabwean flags and chanting “remove the dictator” and “Mugabe, our country is not your property.” Thousands of demonstrators fraternised with soldiers as they called for the end of Mugabe’s “bloody 37-year reign.” Some demonstrators shouted “Ngwena, Ngwena” (Crocodile, Crocodile), in support of sacked vice-president Emmanuel 'Crocodile' Mnangagwa, the favourite to become the next leader. Several people delivered fiery speeches at the Harare football stadium and many speakers shouted 'Viva Zimbabwe', to prolonged cheers and singing from the crowds, as music blasted over the loudspeakers.Victor Matemadanda, the Secretary-General of the Powerful War Veterans' Association said in a statement, “Mugabe and his typist-cum-wife must go home. Let's go and take back the country from the State House. If he's not at the State House, let's go to the Blue Roof (Mugabe's 7.5 million pounds mansion where he is under house arrest).”...Read more