About Us
About US
In July 2002 Radio Personality/Journalist Patrick O'Neil founded and its parent company Patrick O'Neil Media Network Inc. in Miami, Florida, USA. He is also a TV news producer, radio news, program and commercial producer as well as narrator of an award winning documentary for the Sun-Sentinel, a Tribune company.

The mission of to help consumers
This website was founded because of its founder Patrick O'Neil's burning desire to help consumers conveniently find significant bargains, money saving services and loan opportunities here at, offered by up to thousands of companies. Driven by our founder's desire and skillful direction, we have researched thousands of companies since 2002 to find many that would place advertisements, coupons and links here at to continuously offer significant discounts to shoppers on this website. Determined to also conveniently provide users with constantly updated US and global breaking news while they shop, we have also done extensive research to find news source or sources that would constantly supply with RSS breaking news feeds in a vast number of categories. Wanting to also ensure that all our visitors to any shopping or news page at can easily search the World Wide Web from that page for any additional goods or services that they wish to find, we sought the rights to place the most appropriate search engine on each shopping and news page. Our hard work has been very successful; which has enabled to be a leading website to connect shoppers with up to thousands of websites that offer significant bargains as well as to sites offering breaking news in hundreds of categories as shown below.

Our Services
Bargains Directory: - features hundreds of companies and helpful descriptions in appropriate categories that offer up to 85% discount when you browse the ads, links or coupons and shop on the advertisers' websites.

US and World News Index:- guides you to continuous breaking news in every US state, all countries and regions, as well as to a wide range of health, entertainment, job, finance and many other topics in addition to many attractive bargains offered on more than 200 news pages.

Financial Help Directory: - links our users to a range of companies that offer no obligation free quotes to show how to access any available savings on many types of services. Examples of such companies include Auto Warranty, Auto, Life, Dental, Health, Home, Renters, Boat and other forms of insurance. Other no obligation forms that can be filled out to search for the best available financial help include Auto Loans, Mortgage Help, Loan till Payday, Degree/student loan application forms and more.

Podcasts Directory:- features companies' audio presentations about their goods and services as well as about any available jobs, investment and other opportunities. The presentations are either done by our advertisers or are interviews professionally done in FM radio quality by this website founder Patrick O'Neil who is a radio broadcaster/producer and journalist of award winning work. Listen to Podcasts

Profile Directory: - is where we feature companies' profiles listed by categories. There is a summary of each company including a profile of the company's founder, when the company was founded, where it was founded, its current location, why the company was founded, what makes the company stand out among competitors, how consumers can expect to benefit from the company's goods and services and the company's target market. There is also the latest company video and up to the maximum amount of business related photos allowed by us that the advertiser wishes to publish.

Press Release Directory:- is where we publish companies' Press Releases in relevant categories here at This is where you can find the latest written announcements from companies, including upcoming changes, events, investment opportunities, available jobs, new management, new location and all that they are doing or plan to do shortly to help improve the lives of consumers.

The mission of to help Advertisers
We offer many unique, truly economical advertising opportunities here at including incredibly attractive complementary exposure on popular U.S.A. radio stations and in our offline print publications distributed by hand to householders and employees in South Florida. Learn more

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